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Sarah Wilder

Sarah Wilder

What I do

Sarah strives to live green. You can sometimes find her walking her dog, Marz, with a trash bag in hand, picking up litter in her neighborhood. She teaches her students about the importance of taking care of our planet and if you visited her classroom you would likely see an overflowing recycling bin. Sarah spends most of her free time outside. Some of her favorite activities are hiking, biking and gardening. She also loves to cook and show off her handywoman skills around the house.

Sarah started in OOB in 2014 as a first grade teacher. While she enjoyed teaching in the primary grades, she is ecstatic to be working with students at the intermediate level. Sarah is passionate about educating the whole child. She sings, builds and plays with her students every week, understanding that there is much more to her students than their academic ability.

Before coming to OOB Sarah attended the University of Connecticut. During her graduate years, Sarah studied abroad in London, teaching and researching behavior management. Upon her return to the states, Sarah promptly moved to Maine and found herself teaching preschool in the greater Portland area. After 5 enjoyable years, Sarah decided to switch gears and joined the community here in OOB!