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Athletics/Activities Eligibility Policy

The athletics program is open to all regularly enrolled Loranger Memorial School students in grades 6, 7, & 8 while our music programs and our other activities do include some of our Loranger Memorial School students in grades 3, 4, & 5 who meet the following requirements:

Students playing sports are required to have a sports physical by their family physician or health provider every two years. A form signed by the physician must be submitted to the Athletic Director and kept on file by the school nurse.

Weekly throughout the year, academic grades and HOWLs expectations will be assessed to deem eligibility in extra-curricular activities. Additionally, attendance is crucial. Day-of attendance is mandatory for participation in any extracurricular activities, including games, performances, dances.

Students must pass all subjects. An incomplete is equivalent to a failing grade.

If a student passes less than all subjects, the student will only be allowed to practice and must complete a grade check each Monday. If the student is passing all classes at the checkpoint then the student may participate through that week. If a student is not passing all classes at the Monday checkpoint, the student would be ineligible to participate until the next Monday’s grade review. Students will be notified of eligibility status.

Extracurricular game, performance, dance participation will be determined on a bi-monthly basis (2x/month). For students who are deemed ineligible, administration will conduct a weekly grade/HOWLs check until consistent improvement is demonstrated. In terms of HOWLs expectations, to participate in games, performances, and dances, students must maintain a HOWLs grade at or above a 2.5 or the equivalent 78%.

If a student is ineligible for three weeks in a row, a meeting will be held with the student, the parent or guardian, athletic director, and coach or supervisor, to determine whether continuing to be a member of the team or activity is in the student’s best interest.

In some cases, academic help is available to teams and may become mandated by coaches, the Athletic Director, and administration.