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Molly Walrath

Molly Walrath

What I do

Molly lives locally where she appreciates the beauty of the beach and the woods. She enjoys exercise classes, nature walks and riding her bike to Camp Ellis and on the Eastern Trail to the Scarborough Marsh. Molly incorporates yoga and mindfulness into her personal life and professional practice.

Molly is in her fifth year as a full time Occupational Therapist for RSU 23 providing services to students grades three through twelve. Occupational Therapy services are geared toward increasing a student’s independence in daily school occupations including fine motor skills for handwriting and scissor use, self care skills for managing fasteners and mealtime utensils, as well as self-regulation for being ready to learn. Molly is a specialist in the area of sensory integration and helps teachers and students understand how our sensory processing impacts our feelings, actions, and attention.

Molly has provided OT services on a part time basis to the Old Orchard Beach schools for many years. She was the director of the former University of New England Community Occupational Therapy Clinic in Biddeford, which provided OT services to children and their families. Molly attended Boston University for both her undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Occupational Therapy.