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Tisha Kuchta

Tisha Kuchta

What I do

Working with students to present their ideas and thinking with those outside the classroom, Tisha has developed curriculum events that pull in parents and community members to the school. The seventh grade’s annual Author’s Tea provides students with the opportunity to publish original poetry in addition to performing in front of an audience. A mock court trial, in correlation with a classic novel, gives students the chance to take on professional roles and engage an audience. Lastly, through letter composition, students ask members in the community to support them in a cause or to make changes. The community connection has helped students to realize their own voice and value in the town they live in.

Eight years ago, Tisha Kuchta joined the Loranger Memorial School staff as a seventh grade language arts teacher after teaching for three years in Sanford. She found that the beach was her teaching home and officially became a gull. Tisha works to incorporate a “real life” element to her lessons and makes sure students share their work with an audience outside the classroom. Her lifelong passion for teaching and learning has made every day an adventure in the classroom. Her education background includes a bachelor’s degree in English and journalism, as well as a master’s degree in education with a concentration in applied literacy.

Before becoming a teacher, Tisha spent time as a journalist for The York Weekly, a small weekly newspaper published in York, Maine. She was assigned the “education beat” and spent time in schools interviewing students, teachers, and administrators as well as school board members. This challenging job encouraged her to take risks, accept advice and embrace deadlines. After a year, she was awarded the Maine Press Association award for a spot news story on a school bomb threat during her time as a reporter. Though the work as a reporter was exciting and meaningful, Tisha felt, after her time spent in the schools, teaching was the path she needed to follow. Today she knows she chose the right path.