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Janet Giguere

Janet Giguere

What I do

Janet lives in southern Maine with her husband, and daughter, Julia.  They enjoy outdoor activities, spending time with their extended family, cooking and reading.

Janet started at Loranger Middle School in 1998 as a 4th grade teacher.  During her time at Loranger, Janet has also been in a Title I position, a Literacy Specialist position (K-8) between three schools, and in a 5th grade teaching position. Janet has also served as the team leader for the 5th grade for many years. Currently, she team teaches with Mrs. Clark, focusing on ELA and Humanities.  Janet’s love of literacy has guided her teaching through all of these roles!

Before coming to Loranger Memorial School, Janet lived in the Lewiston/Auburn area and worked as a first grade long-term substitute at Farewell Elementary School, a Kindergarten teacher at Wallace Elementary School and a 5th grade teacher at Holy Cross Elementary School. She got her Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Maine in Orono and her Master’s from the University of Southern Maine.