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Katie Sotir

Katie Sotir

What I do

Katie has always lived in Maine, currently residing in Saco. She has three boys who play sports and has been involved with their extracurricular activities, volunteering and has aided with videotaping the Thornton Academy football games when available. Katie enjoys spending time with her family near and far, baking, drawing, walking her dog, and taking classes to further her education and evolving as a teacher. 

Katie is a Special Education Teacher who has been working with the Loranger Memorial School family since 2014. She is working with students in 6th through 8th grades with functional academic and life skills needs. Katie has worked with students in grades 4 through 8, most recently working a resource teacher in 8th grade, a behavior teacher for 5th through 8th, and a life skills Teacher.  Katie provides appropriate learning experiences for students with disabilities, modifying the general education curriculum for students based upon a variety of instructional techniques, accommodations, and technologies. 

Katie started her career working with students with disabilities in 1990 at Sweetser and worked there for almost 20 years. She worked in the various programs ending up in the school as a special education teacher. Katie then moved into the public schools working for Bonny Eagle School District as a resource teacher and in a behavioral classroom. Eventually, she ended up being hired by RSU 23 teaching at Dayton Consolidated School for two years as a Special Education Teacher in the Functional Life Skills classroom before moving to Loranger Memorial School.